[ANN] autotest 5.0.0 Released

(Ryan Davis) #1

autotest version 5.0.0 has been released!

* home: <http://www.zenspider.com/projects/minitest-autotest.html>
* code: <https://github.com/seattlerb/autotest>
* bugs: <https://github.com/seattlerb/autotest/issues>

This is a stub gem to fix the confusion caused by autotest being part
of the ZenTest suite. In now points to minitest-autotest as that has
been extracted and massively enhanced beyond the original ZenTest


### 5.0.0 / 2019-05-26

* 1 minor enhancement:

  * Switched to point to minitest-autotest.

* 1 bug fix:

  * Removed dead rubyforge setting in Rakefile