Zephyr v2.5 with Advanced Test Management Capabilities

Hello Everyone,

Zephyr has created a name for itself in software testing arena with
its revolutionary test management system. Now from them comes a more
advanced test management system, Zephyr v2.5 with advanced test
management capabilities. This advanced test management system aids in
comprehensive testing lifecycle management and provides real time
quality insight.

Zephyr v2.5 provides end-to-end management of testing lifecycle in a
test department including resources, releases and sprints,
requirements, test cases, scheduling, test execution, defects,
documents, collaboration and all aspects of reporting and metrics in
real time. Zephyr armed with more advanced features meets the demands
of today’s dynamic and global Test and Quality Assurance departments.

Its new features include multi lingual support besides English, deeper
insight into the quality lifecycle with increased metrics and end-to-
end traceability, integration API to auto-update automation execution
results, unique product branding with the user's own information,
multitasking with the help of true windowing capabilities within a
browser window,Improved productivity via better tester efficiency,
Enhanced personalization with increased UI accessibility and highest
level of management visibility into every aspect of the quality

Cost effectiveness and optimized quality being the new catch phrase in
the current global economic climate has found its match in Zephyr
v2.5. This cloud based test management system is not only affordable
but has a significant faster time-to-value ratio compared to on-
premise software. Apart from that, Zephyr’s flexibly deployable
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is now available to customers
across all industry sectors.

Please visit www.getzephyr.com to explore more and let us know your

Best Regards,