Your InternetSeer Account Update

As per your request, I have inactivated your account.

If you do not remember subscribing to InternetSeer, you may have
registered with the Claymont search engine. To uphold the integrity of
their search results, Claymont utilizes our Web site monitoring service to
alert them of sites that continue to be on error.

InternetSeer is a free remote Web site monitoring service established to
keep its subscribers informed as to the status of their Web site. If our
service at any time detects that your Web site cannot be reached, we send
you a notice which states the error we encountered via e-mail so that you
may take action to repair the problem.

Should you like to have InternetSeer continue to remotely monitor your Web
site, re-activate your account by visiting and typing
in your login name and password I have included below.

Any further questions should be directed to

We hope that you take action to have InternetSeer give you the peace of
mind that your site is up.

Kane Bender
VP, Marketing
610-361-3000 Ext: 708