Why did you switch from Python to Ruby?

Another interesting language to consider is Water at
http://www.waterlang.org. I don’t suggest it as an alternative to Ruby,
partly because I don’t think it’s ready for production usage yet. However,
there are some interesting ideas to be mined from it.


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I whole-heartedly agree we should learn a new programming language every
year. I think though, for me, it has to at least have the promise of
being better than Ruby for me to bother.

As far as I know, nothing with that promise has arrived.

Haskell was definitely worth the learning experience. Right now some of
us over on the LotY group have settled on Oz, whose enthusiastically
multiparadigm nature promises to be fun. And I’m also learning Nice for
pragmatic reasons - it’s the only really attractive language I’ve seen
that compiles to JVM bytecode. None of them are necessarily better than
Ruby, but they play in different sandpits altogether, so the comparison
doesn’t arise.


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