What the FAQs should and should not contain

(Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT) #1


As far as comp.lang.ruby/ruby-talk is concerned two FAQs are
available. One for the language Ruby and one for the forum.

An FAQ for a newsgroup or mailing list (hereafter called 'forum')
SHOULD provide

- a brief sketch of the subject of the forum,

- a list of ressources outside the forum where one can learn more
   about that subject, and

- general rules concerning the use of the forum.

It MAY contain

- a misc section for information not directly related to the forum.

It MAY also contain

- detailed information on the subject of the forum

but MUST NOT do so if a dedicated FAQ for the subject of the forum

In other words: I strongly oppose the idea that the FAQ for
comp.lang.ruby should contain any information about Ruby that goes
beyond what is already present. Answering frequently asked questions
about Ruby itself is the task of the dedicated Ruby FAQ.

Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT, maintainer of German version of c.l.r FAQ


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