Web Testing with Ruby

(Bret Pettichord) #1

It is open source. But it is ugly. Some of it is on sourceforge and we need to put more there. We'd appreciate any help.


There is also commentary and stuff about this at rubygarden.org, testingeducation.org, clabs.org, rubyforge.com and i need to blog about this. I've been too busy programming and development to do much writing on it.



At 06:53 PM 2/22/2004, Shashank Date wrote:

"Bret Pettichord" <bret@pettichord.com> wrote in message
> I got the two kinds of ruby to run in parallel using drb to allow one to
> make calls in the other. Works slick!

I bet it does ! And now it is instantly distributed too !
You have the possibility of running the iec tests on multiple machines
simultaneously ... without knowing the exact nature of these tests, I don't
know if this even makes sense.

Any chance of the software being open-source ? Just being greedy :wink:

-- shanko

Did you pursue the PyWin32 approach any further?

No. We committed to Ruby long ago. But i would really like someone to develop a similar testing framework in Python. There is already a similar library in Perl called Sammie.


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