We just released (beta) DateCam.com

We just released (beta) DateCam.com - it’s super deluxe and we’d like your

It’s a video enabled community chat, people have been enjoying it and we
want you to come check it out.


We intend to announce it to the general public at the end of the month, but
need to work out the bugs first. There’s nothing special required to join
in the video chat channels, just the latest version of Flash. We just
need to get some folks on the site to see what changes need to be made, in
exchange for your time to come and check it out we are giving you a free
membership for a year, people have been stoked about that. And there are
no gimmicks, promise.

If you’d like to check it out, please do so. I think you’ll find the
system’s a lot of fun. If not, thanks for your time.




ps - This is a one-time special invitation; you will not be mailed again.