Aiseau, 18th July 2002

To the attention of European organisations and citizens worried about environment
· Reform of CAP, Common Agricultural Policy, NOW!
· Banners, flags, fireworks and igloo on the Mont-Blanc at 4.800 m

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A group of European climbers will build an igloo and unfold a banner begin august 2002 on the top of the Mont-Blanc at 4.800 m. height : “STOP FINANCE NATURE DESTRUCTION! CAP REFORM IS TOP!” This message will be carried by all European organisations and citizens having expressed their moral support to the event. To do so, just send us back your identity and encouragements, by fax or (e)mail to the address here under. Thank you very much!The list of organisations and citizens implied will be given to the Press.
The climbers will spend a night or more in what should be the highest igloo of the world.
Why Mont-Blanc? Because the Mont-Blanc is probably the only place in Europe that is not polluted by intensive agriculture as it is organised through CAP. The Mont-Blanc is the summit of Europe but also top of France where largely EC-financed big farmers react against any reform considering smaller farmers and the environment.

The Press will be widely informed in advance of the action. Facts will be re-stated, namely:
the list of the numerous and dramatic environmental damages of the CAP.
Wide range destruction of hedges, wetlands, biodiversity, pollution and erosion of soils, pollution of waters, air, etc.

the huge costs of the CAP for the citizen, as tax payer and consumer
40% of EC budget, consumer prices 44% higher than normal.

the distortion and unfairness of CAP due to the fact it finances according to production level. Big farmers get bigger, pollution too!
The event will stress the extreme interest and urgency of a CAP Reform, not only stopping the large scale destruction of the European environment and the expensive over production but also setting up a new agriculture, fair to smaller farmers and restoring nature.
The great majority of European people don’t want to waste their money anymore, and even less for nature devastation! EC people wants deep-going CAP Reform! Go on, Member of Commission Fischler!
People willing to support the event financially can do so via Bank account : 096-0825540-91.
Thanks in advance for your help!

OIivier Rubbers
Rangers asbl
Rue du Faubourg 16-18
B-6250 Aiseau-Presles
Tel. : +32 71 761138
Fax : +32 71 761926
e-mail : rangers@castor.be
website : www.rangers.be

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