To all people writing BBS on Rails: let's join forces

Get off my tail, okiday?


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From: Dick Davies
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 00:53:33 +0900
To: (ruby-talk ML)
Subject: Re: To all people writing BBS on Rails: let's join forces

* leon breedt <> [1017 16:17]:

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 23:02:31 +0900, David Ross <> wrote:
> No thanks, I'm writing one in a framework without rails. The main
> developer is reluctant to help package it for RPA.
Everyone chooses what works for them, and, this thread was originally
for people who have already decided on Rails, and, one might assume,
prefer it to the alternatives.

So, what purpose does your post serve? It doesn't offer an alternative
or contribute anything to the discussion.

Look, guys, David is a troll, ok?
It's really as simple as that.

The fact that he keeps a civil tongue in his head for
a month or so at a time does nothing to change that.

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