Tibco Rendezvous binding help (esp. for Windows)

Hi folks,

There's been some interest in finishing up the TibcoRV bindings for Ruby, especially for Windows. This was a project I started, but abandoned because I switched jobs within my company, and no longer had any need for it (plus, my license expired). Here's the project site:


Brian Egge is heading up the project now, but has little or no experience building on Windows.

Specifically, Carl Wright is looking for Windows support, and he mentioned that he would be willing to pay (though you would have to work out the details with him, assuming his offer still stands).

If you're a C programmer with interest and/or experience in TibcoRV (and perhaps, dare I say, SOA), then this might be right up your alley.

You can find user information for Carl at http://rubyforge.org/users/victi_vicimus.



PS - Carl, if you're reading this, I hope it was alright to post this. I didn't want your request for help to be lost on a lonely RubyForge forum. :slight_smile: