The State-of-Wikipedia & Wikidata in the Ruby Universe - Looking for Parser, API Clients, Template Functions, Apps, etc.


  for the upcoming Ruby Open Data Week [1]
I am looking into the state-of-wikipedia & wikidata gems, apps,
getting started guides, etc.
in the ruby universe.

  Any recommendations or tips & tricks more than welcome.

  Cheers. Prost.

PS: Let's celebrate 20 Years of Wikipedia! Happy Birthday! [2a][2b]

PPS: To kick off the comments - wikiscript [3] is the (early stage)
gem series / family
    I am working on incl. wikitext abstract syntax tree (AST), parser,
    and more upcoming - if I find some (free) time :-).

[2a] Wikipedia 20 - Meta
[3] wikiscript · GitHub