Splat operator and different options to pass a block


I'm currently experimenting a bit in Ruby, to get a feeling of how the
language works. Out of curiosity, I wanted to have a method which would
accept a Proc ( or block/ lambda/ Method ) both passed attached or as an
explicit parameter. My idea to realise this was:

   def test( block_as_parameter= nil, &block_attached )
     block = block_attached || block_as_parameter

   test { puts "Foo" } #=> Foo
   test( Proc.new { puts "Foo" } ) #=> Foo

So far, so good (I even think that this is the easiest way to achieve
said functionality). This works as long as I don't have the splat
operator in my parameter list. There are - afaict - two reasons for this:
1.: After the splat operator it is not possible to specify optional
parameters (and even if we had the block_as_parameter parameter before
the splat, it would take precedence over it, resulting in 2. - also, it
would destroy interface consistency).
2.: The block_as_parameter parameter will be filled with one of the
parameters which we wanted the splat operator to gather.

My code to solve this problem is as follows:

   def test2( foo, *args, block_as_param, &block_attached )
     block = #this is where the magic happens
       if block_attached
         args << block_as_param
     p foo
     p args

   test2( "FirstParam", "SecondParam" ) { puts "Foo" }
   #=> "FirstParam"
   # ["SecondParam"]
   # Foo
   test2( "FirstParam", "SecondParam", "ThirdParam" ) { puts "Foo" }
   #=> "FirstParam"
   # ["SecondParam", "ThirdParam"]
   # Foo
   test2( "FirstParam", "SecondParam", "ThirdParam", Proc.new { puts
"Foo" } )
   #=> "FirstParam"
   # ["SecondParam", "ThirdParam"]
   # Foo

This solution works as I want it to work, so that's good. But now I'm
curious: Is there another, easier way to achieve what I want? I'm aware
that this has not that many real-life usages, but I t

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