[SOLUTION][QUIZ] QA Prototype (#91)

My attempt - surprisingly short. Really annoying to test because every
time you have a typo on a method name it offers to dynamically create
the method for you!

I imagine it's nothing too far removed from how everybody else is doing

module QAPrototype
  @@methods = Hash.new
  def method_missing( name, *args )
    puts "Undefined method " + self.class.to_s + "." +
    puts "How do you want me to handle this method? (end
with a newline)"
    method = Array.new
      line = gets
      method << line
    end until line.eql?("\n")
    self.class.instance_eval do
      define_method(name) { eval(method.join) }
    puts "OK"
  def print_defined_methods
    @@methods.each_pair { |key, value|
      puts key.to_s + ":"
      puts value

I found an interesting thing when trying this in the runtime in SciTE -
for some reason when 'gets' reads in a line, if you made a mistake
whilst typing and backspaced to delete some text and re-write it, then
the string that 'gets' returns includes the deleted text. Anyone know
why this might be?



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Is that a typo? Should be "end" I assume.

James Edward Gray II


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