Snow Leopard advice for Ruby/Rails developers

Lots of ruby/rails developers are Mac users so I thought this might be
of interest here.

Here are some bumps I’ve had in the upgrade.

  1. If you are using any macport installed software, get a list before
    you upgrade:

    $port installed > myports.txt

    You’re going to need to get the latest Xcode and macports and
    reinstall al of your ports. I couldn’t get a list of ports after I
    reinstalled macports, and port wouldn’t work at all before I did.

    Don’t know if this is similar if you use fink, since I don’t use it.

  2. Backup any crucial mysql dbs before the upgrade. Luckily for me I
    didn’t have any CRUCIAL dbs.

  3. Not exactly sure about this one, but I found that after the
    upgrade, I had rubygems 1.2.0!!! and it couldn’t be updated to the
    latest. Not sure exactly why, since I ended up installing ruby and
    gems from source, which is what I normally do since I prefer to have
    control over what version(s) I’m running and not be dependent on
    Apple. I do the same thing on my linux system.

    My theory as to what happened here was that since I’d bypassed the
    ruby install on Leopard by symlinking from /usr/bin to the source
    installed binaries, the Snow Leopard install got confused and I ended
    up with the old Leopard installed rubygems being active. But I’m not

Forewarned is forearmed.


Rick DeNatale