Slightly OT: Re: [BOUNTY] Shopping cart

//Again, if I offended anyone, I'm sorry, but my real intention is to
//learn Ruby as quick as I can so I can start doing a real work
//with it.
//Or perhaps contribute once I master it.

We understand.
I think the major reasons are:

1. ruby gurus are very pragmatic
2. knows diff/many langgs
3. knows many apps
4. are busy (besides coding ruby)
5. ruby gurus use ruby for new problems to solve
6. knowing the above, when a problem comes, knows what to apply regardless
of the langg to use

7. your request may come part of the RubyQuiz. But this is not a reason :slight_smile:

8. some things in life are not free (yet); so I wait/ or I search more(jap
sites)/ or I create/contribute/ or I use other(s) wc may not be to my

The confusion stemmed bw ruby language vs ruby applications. We all love the
ruby langguage. It is up to us for the applications...

If you come to relfect on it, you yourself may not be far fr being a ruby


kind regards -botp


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