Seattle.rbbq 2002-08-27

Who : Seattle.rb members and the local ruby curious
What : BBQ and Seattle.rb meeting
When : 2002-08-27, 6pm - whenever
Where: My place, on capitol hill, seattle. RSVP for address and directions.
Why : Because it's warm out?


+ RSVP required so I can figure out how much to cook and keep from broadcasting my address.
+ Feel free to bring a dish or chips or something...
+ Let me know and I'll try to coordinate so we don't wind up w/ 14 things of chips.
+ I've got a wireless setup so bring your laptops and wireless cards!
+ I'll be out of town starting today until Saturday. I'll probably be reading email periodically.
+ I don't read ruby-talk, so please email directly.


On Tuesday, August 20, 2002, at 11:06 AM, Pat Eyler wrote:

can we get an address and directions? IT should also be posted to the
rubygarden and zenspider pages.