RubyGems questions

(Masao Mutoh) #1


I'm working to make the gem file of my library(Ruby-GetText-Package).
But I have had some troubles and I've not been able to solve it by myself.

My gemspec is attached.

My lib's directory structure is:


And it's installed to:

#Almost of all files are same directory structre of my original strucre.

My questions are:

1. How to pre-compile po-files to mo-files ?
   Now it's compiled the process "ruby setup.rb setup".
   #it's written in pre-setup.rb of "setup.rb" by Minero Aoki.

2. How to install *.mo files to datadir ?
   Usually, it should be installed to "/usr/share/"(defined in rbconfig.rb).

3. How to install gettext/ correctly?
   gem installed it to:
   But it should be installed to:

Thanks in advance.

gettext.gemspec (1019 Bytes)


.:% Masao Mutoh<>