Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 07/15/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Pat Eyler.




Jabber4R 0.2.0
Jabber4R is a Jabber client library for ruby. This release adds
support for registering accounts and subscription management.
This library is not meant to support full Jabber clients, but
to support connecting a ruby application to a jabber account as
a resource.

ruby-libxml (2002-07-09)
A fast, functional, validating xml library for Ruby. Written in
C for speed, it is already quite feature rich. It is currently
lacking documentation and a more complete API.

Grankos: Graphical 1D CA generator
A Wolfram-style 1D cellular automata visualizer. Additional
visualizers for other Wolfram-style automata will be added.

YAML4R 0.20 – Objects in plaintext
YAML4R is a Ruby library for reading and writing YAML
documents. It is undergoing rapid development at this point,
with announcements being made nearly every day of the week.


Has anyone combined Test::Unit with CGI?
Dossy started an interesting discussion about using Test::Unit
to test CGI scripts. WebUnit was suggested, but was determined
not to fit the bill. Dossy put up a link to a version of
web_testrunner that he tossed together.

cache dbi for web app
Tom Sawyer asked about speeding up a web based application by
using persistant dbi connections. The discussion evolved into a
mini-tutorial about mod_ruby.

User groups
John asked about user groups in general, and a Portland group
in particular. Several answers were given, most pointing to the
rubygarden wiki. Phil Tomson also answered that he is trying to
get a group going in Portland.

      User groups are a pretty important part of getting a language
      into the local programming space. If you live in an area with a
      local user group, please support it. If you don't, you could
      always try to start one.

new to ruby,how to make FIFO in ruby?
Maggie asked how to create a FIFO in ruby. After a quick run at
creating a FIFO queue, people settle down to the business at
hand. Eventually a couple of pure ruby solutions were given.

Commercial Support for Ruby(Windows support)
Dennis Newbold asked about finding commercial support for ruby
to fulfill a prerequisite for using it for his ISO 900x
employer. The idea of approaching ActiveState was bandied