Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 03/10/2003

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Pat Eyler.




Russian Ruby resource and Ruby Course
A Russian-language Ruby resource has been started. Currently it
contains materials of a Ruby course which was developed and led
in Minsk, Belarus, by Alexander Bokovoy and me. The course
consists of 6 seminars. It only targets the language, its
design and built-in classes.

Test::Unit::Mock: Mock objects for testing with Test::Unit
Test-Unit-Mock is a class for conveniently building mock
objects in Test::Unit test cases. It is based on ideas in
Ruby/Mock by Nat Pryce, but is a bit easier to use, and more

PSE as Ruby module and an RAA question
Periodic.rb is a Ruby module that provides information about
all chemical elements as a single constant table named
Periodic::Table. The database is taken from Gperiodic that is
released under GPL. The character set used for the table is ISO
8859-1. Information that is not available is encoded as nil.


Phil Tomson asked about OSCON attendance and the opportunity to
hold a Ruby meeting on the side. A number of people seem to be

I’m to give short talk on ruby at work, anybody have material/outlines
they can donate
Sam Roberts asked for some help on a short presentation he’s
doing about ruby. Several people chimed in with recommendations
and pointers to other information.