[ruby-talk:444490] [ANN] wxRuby3 MaterialDesignArtProvider v1.0.0 released

Have you always liked those material design icons used in so many Web applications?
Now, you can also use these in wxRuby3 desktop GUI applications.

The wxRuby3 MaterialDesignArtProvider is a 100% pure Ruby implementation of a custom
ArtProvider providing access to over 8000 icons (many of them available in multiple variants) from
the FontAwesome, MaterialDesign, FluentUI and SimpleIcons collections

Make your wxRuby3 desktop GUI applications looking slick, modern and having the same appearance on any
platform, be it Linux GTK, Windows or Mac OSX.
For an example see wxRuby3-MaterialDesignArtProvider/assets/readme-screenshots.png at master · mcorino/wxRuby3-MaterialDesignArtProvider · GitHub.

For more details see GitHub - mcorino/wxRuby3-MaterialDesignArtProvider: MaterialDesign Art Provider for wxRuby3.

For API details and overviews of the available icons see the documentation: File: README — wxRuby3 MaterialDesignArtProvider Documentation

Rubygems: wxruby3-mdap | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

wxRuby3: GitHub - mcorino/wxRuby3: Ruby Cross-Platform GUI extension


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