[ruby-talk:444229] Ruby2WASM Again: My first use case


I am looking at this idea again to solve a specific problem with a Chrome Extension. The history of this is:

Text-based ToDo lists on DOS =>
yada yada for four decades . .
Tab Management on Chromium-based Browsers.

When the developer of “Tabs Outliner” became unresponsive I switched to “TabFern” which has been really nice and the developer is helpful but does not have much time leftover for my suggested enhancements. So, it would be nice if could develop a WASM replacement with Ruby.

I attach a screenshot of a TabFern window (project) with the Ruby and WASM tabs I am currently looking at so you get the general idea of what I want.

Suggestions about how to produce this (assuming it is a sensible and viable thing to do) are appreciated!



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