[ruby-talk:443112] [ANN] rasn1 0.12.0 released

rasn1 0.12.0 has been released.

* home: <https://github.com/sdaubert/rasn1&gt;
* bugs: <https://github.com/sdaubert/rasn1/issues&gt;
* doc: <https://github.com/sdaubert/rasn1/wiki&gt;

RASN1 is a pure ruby ASN.1 library. RASN1 helps to create ASN.1 parsers
and encoders.


### 0.12.0 / 2022-11-12

* In `Model` class:
   * correctly track source location for dynamic class methods, by adfoster-r7.
   * add a check on name uniqueness for embedded types. Raise a `ModelValidationError` on error, by adfoster-r7.
* Add `Wrapper` class to modify options of existing types or models. Add `Model.wrapper` to easily use a wrapper when defining a model, by sdaubert and adfoster-r7.
* Add support for BmpStrings (class `Types::BmpString`), by adfoster-r7.
* Rake tasks may be launched before needing presence of yard.
* `Types::Base#value?` and `#can_build?` are now public methods.
* `Types.define_type` may now create the new type in given module (`in_module` parameter).
* A model name may be changed using `Model.root_options`.
* Fixes:
   * Fix a frozen string crash in `Types::BitString` class, by adfoster-r7.
   * Fix a crash in `Types::BitString#to_der` when a Bit String is defined as an explicit one, by adfoster-r7.
   * `Types::GeneralizedTime`: parsed value is now always a `Time` and no more sometimes a `DateTime`.
   * `Types::Sequence` and `Types::SequenceOf` DER is no more generated when optional and value is void.
   * Fix `Model#to_h` for choice subelement, by adfoster-r7.