[ruby-talk:443026] [ANN] Rroonga 12.0.8 Released


Rroonga 12.0.8 has been released.

Web site: Fulltext search by Ruby with Groonga - Ranguba

Rroonga is the Ruby bindings for Groonga that is a fast
flexible fulltext search engine and column store.

About Groonga: http://groonga.org/

== About Rroonga

Rroonga is a library to use Groonga with Ruby-ish API. It is
easy to add fast fulltext search feature to your Ruby
application easily. You don't need to install any server
process because Rroonga is a library.

== Changes

Here are changes since 12.0.8:

  Groonga - Rroonga 12.0.8 has been released

We dropped support to the package for Windows include built Groonga and Rroonga from 10.0.1.
However, how to install doesn't change.

About the merit of dropping support of fat gem, please refer to the following document.

Rroonga will become to installs Groonga package for the MSYS2 automatically
when installs since this version.

== Install

You can install Rroonga by just "gem install".
(If you don't have Groonga, Rroonga installs it

  gem install rroonga

== Tutorial

We recommend that you play tutorial after you install Rroonga.
It helps you to understand how to use Rroonga.

Tutorial: File: tutorial — rroonga - Ranguba