Ruby-sdl and directfb (tv out)

(William Morgan) #1

Hello all,

I’ve been using ohai’s excellent ruby-sdl in my quest to build a
TV + remote control multimedia jukebox interface. Everything is working
great so far but the documentation for ruby-sdl is a little lacking and
I haven’t found any mailing lists.

My specific question is how to force ruby-sdl to use directfb, such that
it displays on the TV out. I have it working in graphics mode on the
console just fine. I can get freevo, which uses pygame, which uses SDL,
to display to the TV, so I know it’s possible.

Has anyone tried this before? Or know of a better place to ask?




(Tobias) #2

William Morgan wrote:

My specific question is how to force ruby-sdl to use directfb

Maybe you have success when using this info from :

Q: How do I choose a specific video driver?
the driver you want to use. The drivers available depend on the platform
and SDL compile-time options. Here is a partial list for some platforms:

 * Linux:
       o x11 - (default) Use the X11 windowing system
       o dga - Use XFree86 DGA 2.0 for fullscreen hardware acceleration
       o fbcon - Use the framebuffer console
       o directfb - Use the DirectFB API
       o svgalib - Use the SVGAlib API
       o ggi - Use the General Graphics Interface API
       o aalib - Use the Ascii Art library
 * Win32:
       o directx - (default) Use the DirectDraw API
       o windib - Use the standard Win32 GDI



A: You can set the environment variable “SDL_VIDEODRIVER” to the name of