Ruby-only way to access local copy of Ruby documentation using local web server?

(RRRoy BBBean) #1

Is there a Ruby-only way to access a local copy of Ruby documentation using a local web server? I don't have Apache or any other web server installed.

1. I download the official Ruby documentation from

2. I unpack the documentation as hierarchical directories of web files into ./ruby_2_6_core/ and ./ruby_2_6_stdlib/

3. I can point my browser to the local files ./ruby_2_6_core/index.html and ./ruby_2_6_stdlib/index.html which lets me browser the documentation

I would like to access this Ruby documentation via a web server, much the same way that I can access the documentation for installed gems via the command line "gem server --port 8888", which I assume uses Webrick under the hood.

Is there a Ruby gem or some Ruby one-liner or some simple technique that would allow me to do this?

Thank you!

(Xavier Noria) #2

ruby -run -ehttpd . -p8887