Ruby Hoedown 2008 - August 8-9, Huntsville, AL - Keynotes, Registration, and CFP OPEN!

Hello all!
The Ruby Hoedown, the southeastern regional Ruby conference, is
happening again this year! This year’s conference, hosted by Hsv.rb
and sponsored by Engine Yard, will be happening on August 8th and 9th
at the University of Alabama, Shelby Hall in Huntsville, AL. Without
further adieu, we have three really important announcements for you

First, two keynotes have graciously accepted our invitation to speak:
David A. Black and Chris Wanstrath. As a director of Ruby Central and
author of Ruby for Rails, David A. Black has established himself as a
pillar of the Ruby community. You’ll know Chris Wanstrath as one of
the Err Free guys and the author of Ambition, cache_fu, and sake.
More recently Chris has been active as one of the developers of
GitHub. We’re really excited to see what these two luminaries can
bring to the conference.

Second, while our invited speakers will do a great job book-ending the
conference, the real meat will come from the community. Enter the Ruby
Hoedown 2008 Call for Participation! We’re asking you, regular Ruby
folks of all types and stripes, to propose talks about topics you’re
passionate about. You can find all the details at, but just so you know, we have
room for about five full-length talks and eight lightning talks (with
possibility for more of each!), and competition is expected to be
fierce. You have until midnight EST on June 2nd to get your proposal
in to us, but the earlier the better. So again, head on over to, read up on the details, and get us
your proposal ASAP!

Lastly, we’ve just opened early registration. If you register now,
you can save $50 off the registration price (with a ticket price of
$149)! Jump on this great deal while it lasts (until June 2nd, if you
must know) by going to our registration site:

With David and Chris and the great proposals we expect from the
community, the 2008 Ruby Hoedown is shaping up to be an excellent
conference. See y’all in August!

  • The Ruby Hoedown Organizers

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