Ruby-dev summary 28495-28605

Here is a summary of the articles posted to ruby-dev.

[ruby-dev:28502] rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit()

  Nagai, who is a maintainer of tcltklib, asked how to know that functions are
  called by rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit() in the C layer in order to fix a
  problem of tcltklib. However, the current ruby doesn't provide such a way.

[ruby-dev:28456] Kconv.toxxx with -m0

  Naruse requested for comment on the proposal to change the behavior of the
  methods of Kconv such as "tojis". Currently, those methods perform mime decoding
  in default, since nkf runs with the option '-m'(enable mime decoding) in default.
  If this change is accepted, the nkf module of ruby calls nkf with '-m0'(disable
  mime decoding) and those methods will not perform mime decoding in default.

[ruby-dev:28509] improving the speed of rational

  Funaba proposed that ruby should adopt the rational library[1] developed by Hara, since
  it is faster than the current rational library. This proposal has been accepted, and it
  will be included in ruby-1.9.

[ruby-dev:28589] Float#div and Float#divmod

  Hara proposed that -3.4.div(1.1) should return -4 instead of -3 in ruby-1.8.4 as is in the
  case of ruby-1.9. In addition, he proposed that -3.4.divmod(1.1) should return [-4, 1.0]
  instead of [-4.0, 1.0], since it should be the pair of the results of div and %. This
  proposal has been accepted.


Takaaki Tateishi <>