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This is a summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

[ruby-dev:26802] about Ruby-GetText

   jhohi iug posted a request for ruby-gettext package
   ( as a standard library.
   Ruby-gnome2 GUI applications often use the library to provide l10n capability.
   Masao Mutoh, the maintainer of ruby-gettext and ruby-gnome2, followed the
   request and said that it is desirable for such GUI applications if Ruby
   distribution bundles the library.

[ruby-dev:26828] remove "env.h" dependency,
[ruby-dev:26838] remove env.h from parse.y

   SASADA Koichi posted 2 patches which reduce dependency on execution contexts
   described in env.h. The patches gives not only simple and clean codes but
   also standard accessors for the contexts. It means that libraries or extensions
   interact with parse.y, ripper or YARV for instance, will be able to handle the
   parser with much simpler way.

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