Ruby-dev summary: 22828-22876

(Takaaki Tateishi) #1

Here is a summary of ruby-dev.


[ruby-dev:22841] Process.detach

Nakada suggested that a thread created by Process.detach should
returns a value of $?, and Matz agreed with him. So far Thread#value
always returned nil if it was created by Process.detach.

[ruby-dev:22862] File.fnmatch and Dir.glob

Yamamoto asked if it was expected that ‘/’ can be included in
’[]’ and ‘{}’ which are described in a pattern passed to something
like Dir.glob.
From a section PATHNAMES in a manual page of glob()[1],
a range cannot contain an explicit `/’ character; this would
lead to a syntax error.
Matz thought that it makes sence that ‘[]’ doesn’t match with a
pathname containing ‘/’, but it is not useful that ‘{}’ doesn’t
match with that one.



Takaaki Tateishi