Rspec-rails-2.0.1 is released!

The rails-3.0.1 release excluded a change that I had naively expected to be included. This upgrade is only necessary if you write view specs and are upgrading to rails-3.0.1. To upgrade, all you need to do is change your Gemfile to read:

    gem "rspec-rails", "2.0.1"

And then run

  bundle update rspec-rails

## Release Notes

### 2.0.1 / 2010-10-15

[full changelog](

* Enhancements
  * Add option to not generate request spec (--skip-request-specs)

* Bug fixes
  * Updated the mock_[model] method generated in controller specs so it adds
    any stubs submitted each time it is called.
  * Fixed bug where view assigns weren't making it to the view in view specs in Rails-3.0.1.
    (Emanuele Vicentini)