require 'cocos' - New Auto-Include Quick-Start Prolog & Prelude Gem w/ Read/Parse Shortcut Helpers & More


   the idea behind the new require 'cocos' - that is, the
  ruby code commons (coco) quick-starter prolog & prelude -
might not be new and is inspired by the haskell prelude(s)
or dare I say the all-inclusive require 'activesupport' from railsland

   What would you auto-require & include in your ruby prolog & prelude?
   Why & why not?

  Anyways, I put together a first version and have started out with
   what I use day-in-day-out in the ruby scripts (off-rails) -
yes, nowadays mostly data wrangling
or pixel art "metaverse digital identity avatar" scripts
and such -
and the plan is to add (much) more goodies over time
  to the ruby code commons (cocos) prelude & prolog.

  Questions and comments welcome.

  Cheers. Prost.

[1] GitHub - rubycocos/cocos: cocos (code commons) - auto-incude quick-starter prelude & prolog