REPOST: Seeking "Coroutines for Ruby" module

[ This is a repost of a recent message of mine. I’m not sure whether
it properly went out. And even if the original message did go out, I
made an error in it, typing “RACC” when I meant “RAA”. Anyway, I hope
that this updated message makes it. ]


I recently noticed the “Coroutines for Ruby” module on RAA, but the link
is stale, and this module doesn’t exist on the specified website.

Here’s the stale link:

Does anyone know where I might find an up-to-date copy of

Also, I’m looking for other advanced multiprocessing and threading
modules for Ruby, besides the ones that exist on RAA and within the
standard Ruby library. Are there any other sources on the net for these
kinds of advanced Ruby modules?

Thank you very much in advance.


Lloyd Zusman