Re: [ANN] hoe 3.22.2 Released


   First thanks for the fantastic pre-built and ready-to-use rake
tasks for gems. I am a big fan (see the hoe booklet [1]) and I use
rake for all my little 100+ gems - but for some weeks (or even
months) I always got this mysterious error on all new installations:

     rake aborted!
     TypeError: no implicit conversion of String into Integer

   Today I finally looked up the cause in the hoe sources. I always
use something like this in the Hoe.specs :

        self.urls = [‘’ ]

     a comment in the hoe source code about urls helpfully says:

      Optional: The urls of the project. This can be an array or
(preferably) a hash.

    And yes, that's the fix. Changing from an array to a hash, e.g.:

       self.urls = { home. ‘’ }

     makes it all work again with the latest hoe version.

If you run into the same trouble this public service message hopefully
saves you some hours. Happy ruby gem publishing with hoe. Cheers.