Rdtool question & suggestions

Hi all,

I’m using rdtool 0.6.11. I see that there are several formats to choose
from - html, man, rdo, rmi. However, I don’t see a way to simply create a
nicely formatted plain text file. Is such a thing possible?

If not, would anyone else like to see this capability added?

I also have a suggestion for rdtool. Something that’s kinda nice to have in
the cpan documentation is a hyper-linked ‘table of contents’ that correspond
to the top-level headings. The links simply point to the appropriate
heading within the document. Not so useful for small docs, but very handy
for some of the larger ones.

Oh, and I also kinda like the horizontal lines between top-level headings as
well. :slight_smile:

Take a look at any of the module documentation out on cpan to see what I’m
talking about.