Rb_gc_* function not found


  I am compiling Maya Ruby plugin on OS X and during the linker stage,
the linker is unable to find rb_gc_enable() and similar functions.

  It is able to find the other Ruby function so I think the libraries
are fine.

  I have compiled the code on WindowsXP and it was fine.

  I only have difficulty on OS X.

  As the libraries naming is different on the two platforms, I don't
have a one-to-one comparison.

  There is a libruby.dylib file [shipped standard with OSX ] and it is
providing all the other function except those associated with GC.

  Anyone familiar with linking with Ruby libraries on OS X?

  OS X 10.4.4
  Ruby 1.8.2

  I am building under XCode 2.1 and have customise it to use GCC 3.3
(Alias Maya requires gcc 3.3 for the plugins to work with their

  I also need to deploy it as a 10.3.9 runtime package for Alias Maya
to work.