Qt licensing on windows!

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Thanks you for answering my question for installing ruby-qt on
I am trying it today and will post if successfull.

Qt it appears is not free for windows.

This is an intersting thread from comp.lang.python


Python and Glade seem to offer these features, though perhaps without
the same degree of polish. Qt appears to have a significant cost
if you’re going to run on Windows :frowning: [at least that’s my reading of
TrollTech’s FAQ].

Not if you’re going to use Python and Qt: since PyQt is just an
application using Qt, the developer can make it available for free.
don’t need a developers license for Qt to develop Python apps with
it. Phil Thompson got his copy of Qt from Troll Tech for free (after I
badgered Trolltech a bit), together with a Windows compiler and
hd, so he has produced a PyQt for windows, which can be downloaded at:


It’s quite easy to install, even for novice users of your
application. And, as I said, it’s complete - designer, ui
compiler and runtime environment. And all documentation, too.


Frank Miles fpm@u.washington.edu wrote:

Boudewijn Rempt | http://www.valdyas.org

Does anyone know about licensing issues of Qt on windows?