Proc question

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I'm trying to create a parser that creates a statemachine, using the
statemachine gem, from a scxml file. But I got stuck when I started
dealing with proc.
I can't understand why it works when I do this:

action = @actions.last
procedure = proc {@@logger.puts action if (action and @@logger)}

But not work when I do this:

action = @actions
procedure = proc {
   action.each do |a|
     case a[0]
        when 'log'
          @@logger.puts a[1]
        when 'send'
          @@queue.send(a[1], a[2])

(at first I was only dealing with one possibility ('log') and now I'm
trying to make it able to treat multiple possibilities.)

I then use 'procedure' as a parameter here:

if ( != nil) # if it has a target state
   @state.last.event(@transitions.last.event.to_sym,, procedure)
else # it is its own target state
   @state.last.event(@transitions.last.event.to_sym,, procedure)

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