OT:is software eng an art?

Greeks thought of art in terms of beautiful technique. They arguably
knew the field.

A guy named Kant probably meant the same when he said that a work is
of art when not only it fulfills its practical purpose, but goes
farther and creates a pleasure in the viewer that does not stem from
the practical purpose, i.e. an aesthetical pleasure. (Of course,
something like architecture has quite some more requirements to
satisfy before it can go for aesthetical pleasure than, say,

Now we know that feeling when we see a problem solved in code with
particular elegance.

To those who said there is no art in software creation I’d like to ask
whether they think that elegance refers to the programmer’s clothes at
the time of coding. :slight_smile:

By the way, Schoenberg compared the process of music composition
(which hopefully everybody accepts as art) to the development of a
living organism, from a core of identity and functionality toward the
outside. Now this reminds me of something. :wink:



On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 03:44:54AM +0900, Phil Tomson wrote:

So, is software creation an art or a discipline (or a science)? Opinions

[Massimiliano Mirra]:

Greeks thought of art in terms of beautiful technique.

And geeks think of art in terms of beautiful technology.

// Niklas (geek)