NEW Ruby Group Rhein-Main


I set up a Group for Ruby-users in the Rhein-Main-Area in Hessen,
Germany so we can get together more easily. See
Just type your name and email in there, then we can perhaps meet some
day, or even regularly, who knows. Alternatively, just send me an
email and I’ll write your name down there.

Hope everyone has fun all the time,

Rhein-Main, that is close to Frankfurt, right?

… maybe some of you want to meet at the
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in Frankfurt
on the 31st of October 2002.

There will be a 5-hour Ruby tutorial and if you
want we could try to organise a BoF.

Good to see more and more Ruby-user groups,


Armin Roehrl,
Agile Entwicklerkonferenz: 22. und 23.10 in Nürnberg.