Net/http and begin/end block

Hey list-
     I have the following code that seems to work fine:

require 'net/http'

def fetch(page, section='display', limit=5)
    data = ''
       data = Net::HTTP.get_response("", "/#{page}")
    rescue Exception => e
       limit -= 1
       limit > 0 ? retry : raise
    data.body.gsub!(/\/temporaryimages/, "")
    data.body.gsub!(/\/wrappers\/(\d+)\.news/i, "/page/#{section}/\1")

I am using it to fetch some templated web pages from an in house server that almost never errors out. So my code works fine. But I am wondering if this code will do what I think it should do upon failure. Before I added the begin/rescue/end block, the server would occasionally error out with a connection reset by peer error. So my question is will this syntax work to retry fetching the page 5 times before it gives up. Will the rescue Exception => e part catch pretty much any type of error?
     Thanks in advance for anyone explaining this to me or offering a more robust solution.

-Ezra Zygmuntowicz
Yakima Herald-Republic