Need your feedbacks on Jasis, a new framework built on top of Sinatra

(Jae Lee) #1

Hi everyone,

I really loved working with Padrino for being a fast and lightweight Rails
alternative, but over time I am seeing that it's development have stopped
to the point I can no longer use it or recommend it.

It is at this point, I needed a framework that I can actively maintain and
started a fresh one with Sinatra.

I tried to keep it as simple and elegant as possible as one of it's goals.
It is more like a starter kit, as it is all self-contained and runs fully
out of the box with Docker.

Please come check it out and would love to hear any feedbacks or anyone
willing to help, that would be great!

I will be teaching Ruby classes soon and it motivated me to build this as I
wanted to teach students how everything loads up from the very first entry
point of the code all the way to render output.
Sinatra was great at that but wanted it to be more fully functional so here
it is.


Kind Regards,