LGBT Partner/Ruby Web Developer at is the first and only website where students voice
their own opinions and rate their colleges on LGBT-friendliness. The
site is a major resource for LGBT campus organizations that want to
improve upon campus issues, and for prospective students who are
looking for a LGBT-friendly college.

You're a visionary developer who's not afraid to throw out off-the-
wall ideas for the expansion of this Ruby-based website, and of
several others under the TopOut umbrella. You've got some good work
experience under your belt, but your true brilliance comes from your
street smarts and your ability to innovate. You've done the scene,
know what interests people like us, and now you're ready to get your
head in the game and do something good for the LGBT community by
building an awesome brand with a company you're passionate about, and
that you own. You're borderline shy/wild, and are a cat who's lost at
least one life to curiosity. You're optimistic, outgoing, love to help
people, and won't rest until you do. You'll work closely with the
Founder/CEO who'll be firing ideas right back at you, and will expect
a minimum of 10-15 hours a week from a dedicated, outrageous go-

If this is for you, and you're ready to inspire, shock, and outdo even
Da Vinci in the realm of creativity, send an email to and tell us in a one-page cover letter how
you'll rock us at