Last chance for proposals

Charles Oliver Nutter escreveu:

Today is the last day for JavaOne proposals, and we're really hoping to get some "real" rubyists showing these Java guys how it's done. Right now we've got some basic proposals for a Ruby language/classes/libraries intro, a JRuby/Java integration talk, various deployment talks for different servers, GUI and Graphics talks, and hopefully we'll get someone from Rails core to do a Rails talk. But what are we missing? Do you have a talk or know someone with a really convincing talk that would help win over some of the Java masses?

At any rate, if you have anything you'd like to present to a big room (our JRuby talks have been in a room that seats 1500), stop by and give it a shot. There's a whole world of developers there (15k people at JavaOne last year) that really need to learn Ruby.

- Charlie

Hi Charlie,
I am reading this e-mail now, but i dont know too much about this subject.Can you explain it to me? I am new in this mailing list but i was vey interested in your words !!!
Big hug,
- Tiago