Java vs. Perl vs.

The “Use Perl” website ( has a small entry
commenting on a Java
vs. Perl test for performing string processing. The Perl
site [1] says the
Java site [2] shows the Java source code for the match-up,
but not the Perl
source. After some requests, the Java author released the
Perl code to the
Perl folks (though it does not seem to have made it to the
original Java
site). It’s on the Perl site [1].

Not surprisingly, the Java site [2] claims the Java code is
better, as it
ran the test case faster.
Also not surprisingly, the Perl folks believe the Perl code
is really not
quality code and can be optimized to do better than Java.

Just thought I’d mention it …

The problem with the article, as several have pointed out, is that the
author implies that Java’s regexen are faster than Perl’s. However, his
Java code doesn’t use regexen - it uses string indices, so he was comparing
apples & oranges. All in all, the article was quite lame.