IRB error using curl command

Gday all.

Im using the netbeans IDE version 6.1 to create a ruby on rails

First off... Netbeans wouldnt let me generate an xml.builder type file,
i had to navigate to app/views/info with explorer and then create the
who_bought.xml.builder file there. but netbeans will open the file
without any problems and let me put code into it.

im trying to use the curl command to test out netbeans ability to
generate xml...

curl http://localhost:3000/info/who_bought/1.xml

but im getting the error:

SyntaxError: (irb):51: , unexpected tSYMBEG

ive tried

curl -H "Accept: application/xml"

\ http://localhost:3000/info/who_bought/1

but it gives me the same error.

the number after (irb): is incrementing by 2 each time i try the console

sorry i cant give much more info... im still pretty new to ruby/rails

go nuts with questions if you need more info and ill try to get you an
answer though! =p


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