Investment Partnership

Nzanga Kuzulu Mobutu


Hello Dear,

This contact is about financial investment. I came to the conclusion of contacting you with hope that this will transpire into a more mutual relationship between you and I for now and in future.

I am Mr. Nzanga Mobutu, son of the late president Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. As you may have read from the international media, my fathers investments in various places like France, Switzerland and Belgium were
all confiscated and his international accounts frozen by their, Governments.

Now that the situation has calmed down, there is the need for my family to invest discretely in various part of the world without our family name mentioned. It is in view of the above that I make this contact to request if you may like to be my family’s financial manager.

The fund to be invested is the sum of 58 million U.S.D in the volt of an international bank in Accra Ghana. It is my wish that you invest this fund for us in your country and around the world by engaging into lucrative investments such as buying of shares/stocks in multinational
companies, real estate and other non-speculative investment.

To facilitate an easy transfer of the fund, I have arranged to move the fund to a bank in South Africa from where it will be remitted to your account.

Upon the acknowledgement of your response, I will arrange for a face-to-face meeting for you and I. In the meeting we shall sign a working agreement and the fund will be handed over to you for investments.

You may reach me through

Waiting for your earliest response.

Nzanga Mobutu.