Interfacing white board with ruby on rails

Hi guys,

I am building a network application where I want to integrate White
board in my Ruby application.

Can you point me to a white board which whoes apis are availabe (I dont
mind paying if the deal is good enough) and give examples for
integrating it using ruby on rails


What's a white board? We know next to nothing about what you're trying
to do here. Explain what you're doing and what you want to achieve and
we may be able to help.

thanks for offerring help,

I am trying to share applications, and data using ruby on rails.
There will be a peer to peer network and one will be able to collabrate
with another person or group of people and share Ideas. Inshort a
shared workspace for a limited group of users to execute events as
projects.It effectively provides communication & collaboration tools
that enable management and execution of the project.Cllaboration tools:
Document review, Document sharing, File Sharing, Application Sharing,
Project Portfolio Management, White Boarding, Note Board, Discussion
While board has Drawing tools. When I draw at my end the other person
can view and also draw. A common drawing board for two or more people.
Basecamp provides While boards but apis are not availbale.

I hopw this gives you some idea as to what I am trying to ask.

Your help will be appreatiated


You will need additional software such as a javascript / java / flash
file that will run on the client side and I'm afraid I can't help you
there. Good luck.