My AI software (which doesn't use ruby 'meta-classes') parsed your post and determined that the following book has the most potential to dramatically improve the quality of your relationships with other human beings:

The amazingly cheesy book title is just a carryover from decades ago. Never judge a book by its cover applies here...(hence the 366 reviews and 4.5 star reviews)

If you can't get others to provide desired info or perform tasks for you because they are angry or arguing with you, then this will show you why. But if your intent was to offend complete strangers by choice of phrasing a couple sentences in your otherwise nice post, then bravo! It can be entertaining to watch people get their panties in a bunch! I just wish it were in a different group since these folks do a lot of coding I benefit from.

Most libraries will have at least one copy of the book.

I haven't finished reading the book yet--this post is probably a 'what not do do' example.


What the AI software can't accurately determine is the motivation for an author posting a specific message.

  IQ != Wisdom

For example, it can't determine if a poster's goal is to intentionally offend people (because it can be entertaining sometimes) or educate others or get info or get specific action from others or subconciously overcompensate for a perceived 'shortcoming' in the poster.

If you provide the true motivation for the post and your desired outcome, I can feed it to the AI and see if it helps because the AI keeps spitting out '42' after recommending that book.