Interesting snippets on dynamic method definitions in Ruby


I'm new to the list - I hope this posting is welcome. I've been (like
everyone?) learning and enjoying Ruby's intricacies. One of those
intricacies is explained briefly in the Dave Thomas' Pickaxe book:
dynamic methods. The code was from Tadayoshi Funaba (p. 391 in version

I thought this code was interesting but also quite dense and hard to
understand. I decided to try to write a more readable version, to help
me understand the functions. I didn't re-implement all of the original
functionality but I came pretty close.

Rather than clog the digest readers' mail with lots of code, I've posted
an article detailing what I did on my website. If there's a better place
to put sample code, or if I should have posted all code/commentary in
this message, just let me know and in the future I'll do that. I'll look
forward to learning a lot and hopefully contributing on this list!

I hope this article is useful to others:




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