Installing ruby/dbi failed, please help


may be this problem has nothing to do with ruby in general
but my very first attempt to install ruby/dbi on a w2k server
What happened one reboot later inside the dos box after installing
pragmatic programmers ruby167-1.exe:

D:\download\ruby\ruby-dbi-all>ruby setup.rb config
entering config phase…
config done.

D:\download\ruby\ruby-dbi-all>ruby setup.rb setup
entering setup phase…
setting #! line to "#!C:/Programme/ruby/bin/ruby"
setting #! line to "#!C:/Programme/ruby/bin/ruby"
setup.rb: skip ext/dbd_sqlite(dbd_sqlite) by user option
setup.rb: skip ext/dbd_sybase(dbd_sybase) by user option
setup done.

D:\download\ruby\ruby-dbi-all>ruby setup.rb install
entering install phase…
mkdir -p C:/Programme/ruby/bin
install sqlsh.rb C:/Programme/ruby/bin
install failed
Permission denied - "C:/Programme/ruby/bin/sqlsh.rb"
try “ruby setup.rb --help” for usage

To me, it seems that the account the script is running as,
has not enough rights to create the directory
"C:/Programme/ruby/bin" …
(though I was logged in as admin)

If so, how can I fix that?

Please help.